About Us

Who We Are

Noticing an unusual void of corporate branded tours in their areas of experience, 2021 saw the formation of a new company driven to take the most creative, passionate, forward-thinking brands to new markets through the vehicle of entertainment. The company’s founders, Ari Nisman (CEO/President of Degy Booking International, Degy World, and Degy Consulting Services) and Shawn Radley (CEO of Developing Artist Management, Kendall Booking, and OnCampusText) are entertainment industry veterans with over 50 years of combined booking and music strategy experience.  Their clients include over 800 college campuses, the US Department of Defense (military bases in 30+ countries), fortune 500 corporations, over 100 summer camps, and many more unique spaces. Sponsored Tours delivers direct access for brands into “non-traditional” markets.  These include college campuses, military bases, malls & shopping plazas, summer camps, and sports teams.

What We Do

Sponsored Tours uses live experiences and entertainment to connect brands with consumers. We accomplish this by building deep and meaningful relationships where people live and play. Our process begins with listening to our brands while understanding how each one wants to meet their customer. Then, we create a tailored and customized brand experience through unique music and live entertainment tours, always creating those special, unforgettable moments. As a leader in the non-conventional market spaces, and a connector to the biggest and best names in the entertainment world, Sponsored Tours efficiently and quickly bridges the gap to connect the parties. Our team offers all players involved an easy, turn-key approach to dial-in every aspect of these memorable experiences.